Information is provided about Mission for Vision's websites. This site is run by the Mission for Vision golf club, which supports Mission for Vision through their tournaments.

About Mission for Vision


Mission for Vision

The primary goal of Mission for Vision is to conduct research leading to effective treatments and cures for human eye diseases. The top priority is funding basic science or clinically relevant projects that search for understanding the causes of human-eye-disease. Mission for Vision also seeks to provide information related to eye disease for the public. Below are our most popular sites for information.

Tutorials and Study Guides (free)
Anatomy of the Eye
Ocular Pathology Tutorial
Study Guide for Anatomy of the Eye, Orbit and Relevant Neuroanatomy-www.medrounds.org
Ophthalmology Resident Manual (www.medrounds.org)
Ophthalmologic Pathology Board Review www.medrounds.org

Complications of LASIK
Dry Eye DiseaseThe Mission for Vision Golf Club is a supporting organization for Mission for Vision. The Club is also an official member of the United States Golf Association (USGA). The Club organizes golf tournaments for members and for sponsors to Mission for Vision. All proceeds support eye research. The club members donate their time to maintain this website, recruit authors, arrange logistic and sponsors for the tournaments. Most of the members are involved in some way in medical research or provide other services such as legal support and computer engineering to Mission for Vision. All revenue obtained from the advertising that appears on this site is donated to Mission for Vision for eye research. The club provides official USGA handicaps for its members and sponsors of Mission for Vision for a nominal annual fee. Club members can view their current handicap by number or initials by clicking on the link.

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